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It comes from the hosiery clips  (Pre-consumer).

 In  Raw cotton,  and colors. Intended for insulation and spinning.

Recycled Cotton

“To Recycle is to Reduce, and to Reduce is to be Sustainable. So, why not?”

We are experts to guide you towards sustainability and a better tomorrow. We specialize in sustainable materials, recycled cotton, and finding ways to assure quality treatment of the cotton wastes generated from industries.
Considering the increased pollution effect on the environment, to recycle and to reuse the industrial waste becomes of utmost importance. The textile industry is known to produce different types of waste in solid, liquid, and gaseous states, and they all need to be treated properly for converting them to useful forms that by no means affect the environment. It is taking into account the same that we at Recycling Fibers work towards sustainability. We are making sure that the recycled cotton can be put to better use.
Join us and be a part of the change.

Cotton Dust and other Materials

Every year huge amount of the cotton fiber consumption is made, and wastes like willow dust get generated in tonnes. The major problem associated here is that these wastes need serious attention as they generally do not have any resale value.
The wastes generated during cotton processing in cotton textile industries are in tonnes every year, and leaving the waste unattended can have harmful effects on the health of the workers and others when released out. Altogether the release can affect the sustainability of the environment and add up to the global warming. This is why were are here to ensure that with the production of recycled cotton, changes can be brought in, and ways can be found for sustainable recycling and reuse.

“Leading Purposeful Project Towards Sustainable Development Goals”

Every project we take is a must to contribute towards the measurable impact of at least 1 UN Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Services@ Recycling Fibers

  • Reviews and Analysis
    With in-depth review and some critical analysis of factors related to recyclability and the sustainable recycling tech, we are working towards a better future, ensuring lesser environmental impact due to textiles working on cotton goods.
  • Research and Reports
    We at Recycling Fibers are trying to deliver some research reports on the topics of interest wherein the expert insight will be of greater help. From the new materials to chemical recycling, sustainable innovation, or the green chemistry within the supply chain, one by one, we are trying to cover it all.
  • Advisory
    With research, reviews, and analysis, we at Recycling Fibers are dedicated to advising companies on varied topics and projects. Our advisory team covers product design, development, strategies, eco-system building, and the tech development.

Our Approach

At Recycling Fibers, we are trying to guide our work through 3 important principles,

  • Evidence-based:  Our work is based on evidence data and the sources of peer reviews. In case something can’t be substantiated by us, we would maintain complete transparency.
  • Expert-driven: If necessary and whenever necessary, we try to engage with the outside experts like academics and the leaders within the fields for complementing the offering me make to all.
  • Science-led: Using latest insights from peer-reviewed research, we use cut-edge industrial Research and Development for keeping our advisory and consultancy services informed.

With a lot of dedication and hard work, we are making sure that our work can lead toward real change that can be quantified for the recycled cotton.

Focus Areas

Specializing to create recycled cotton, we use sustainable ways and means to recycle, circulate and impact the textiles and other sectors like the packaging, outdoor, and apparel.

Recycling Fibers for Textile Suppliers

To offer innovative choices to customers on today’s date is becoming more and more difficult and important. However, with Recycling fibers, we are dedicated to advising our customers and to help them have the recycle the cotton to ensure that a lot of those recycled cotton can be brought to better use instead of impacting the environment at large.
Reach out to us on time, and we will try our best to advise you in finding the right innovation methods and materials which will be able to fit up the focus. So, if you are trying to use bio-based products or trying to reduce carbon footprints, we are here to help you through and ensure the recyclability process is a no-pressure situation on the environment.

Contact us by whatsapp
Contact us by whatsapp