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Recycling fibers

We are a company dedicated to the collection of post- industrial  textile articles  -for recycling, destined to different industrial applications.



We are 100% polypropylene virgin fiber agents.

We collaborate with the environment, and the circular economy.

Recycling Fibers- Recycling Fibers

Committed to change, we at Recycling Fibers urge the manufacturers to remain committed to increased amount of the recycled polyester (14 to around 45 to 50%) that is used in the clothing. Further, we also understand the challenges that surround recycled fibers used in the clothing, and this is why we at Recycling Fibers have taken up the challenge and committed ourselves to the building up of momentum that is generated by varied exchange programs and recycled fibers commitment.

Difficult to Recycle but NOT IMPOSSIBLE

The textile fibers, they on a traditional basis, have been difficult to be recycled. Furthermore, it has been estimated that the average United States consumer generates around 37 kgs of textile waste every year. It on a global level is, 92 million tonnes of the textile waste that gets created annually, and the figure is not slowing down. It is to increase to 134 million tonnes (approx.) by the year 2030, just like the industry raw material uses have been estimated to reach around 300 million by the year 2050.
Accounting for the numbers above, it is necessary to take relevant steps on time, and we at Recycling Fibers are trying to do the same. We have been working towards a better future, and we would continue to do so and help improve the surrounding we live in.







Drivers for the Change

The problem isn’t just the discarded clothes, and what happens with them afterward, it is also the garbage going to the wrong places. Further, with the increasing demand of the consumers, there has been an increase in industry’s response, and there have been positive results to it. However, today consumers are becoming demanding for sustainable products, and by keeping this in mind, buying a product that is either upcycled or recycled, it is a perfect means to not create a detrimental impact on the environment.
With that in mind, we at Recycling Fibers have pledged towards sustainability, and we are trying to ensure the best means for recycling fibers that can reduce impact and improve the environment. With it, we are also trying to create a sustainable market that can reduce Greenhouse gas emissions.
Approaching the consumer products and the materials that have been made in a way that would significantly reduce the impact of industry on the environment, textile waste would be treated more sustainably, and it will help reduce waste and the burden on the environment.

Recycled Fibers and the Types

Recycled materials are the reprocessed materials from the reclaimed materials through the means of manufacturing processes and then making it to the final product or the component for the incorporation in the product. Some commonly recycled fibers are nylon, wool, polyester, cotton, and down.
The textile industry seems to be lagging behind in the recycling process, and just 12% of the global textiles get recycled right now. In comparison to it, glass, plastic PET bottles, and paper are standing at 27%, 29%, and 66%, respectively. This brings more attention to be paid to the changes to be brought in so that the wastes can be reduced at the landfills and the ones that can be recycled, can be recycled.

Why a lack in Percentages of Different Industries?

Part of the problem herein is that the garments get made from the multiple materials, and these materials, at least, a few of them, are quite difficult to be recycled. Sometimes there is also a combination of the materials that need to be recycled, but it is not easy to do so.
Material to the material process of recycling is quite slow. It is labor-intensive and needs skilled workers. However, there is a lot of hope, and even though across the world, industries have been increasing the use of recycled materials, there is still a long way to go in order to achieve the zero landfill target. However, this pressure is seen to be creating a lot of opportunities for the brands and manufacturers, and with our help together, we all can move towards a sustainable future. All you need to do is join hands with us and understand the processes through which we work. As for the rest, you will be motivated further to be a part of the change itself.

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