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Polyamide 66 Recycled

We have selvadges  of polyamide 6.6 yarn,  that we sell for  compound.

Polyamides are the group of the crystalline polymers that are represented commonly by two of the commercial products, including Polyamide 6 and the Polyamide 6.6. The most common type of the Polyamide gets obtained in the form of thermoplastics or fibers. The blends of two different Polyamides types or the Polyamide with the other polymers like polyethylene or polypropylene are some of the other best alternatives.
For Polyamide 6, hydrolytic route gets used for its formation, and for Polyamide 6.6, step-growth reactions in between diacids and diamines.
While when it comes to recycling processes, be it Polyamide 66 or recycled Polyamide 6, for each of it, the mechanical recycling process is said to be one of the easiest means to recycle the Polyamides. This technique has the huge potential application to melt extrusion, and it is appropriate from both environmental and economic points of view.
One another process for obtaining Polyamide 66 recycled form is the chemical recycling process. It is the best way for reducing the waste amount and to recover and reuse the monomers. The method can be used for both Polyamides and the polyurethanes and the polyesters.
Either way, there are, as of today, varied ways to reduce and to recycle Polyamide 66 or any other variant of Polyamide, and if the companies or the textiles are focused, things can truly take a turn and can create a positive impact on the environment. It would be the best way to move ahead.

“Polyamide Waste Recycling for a Better Tomorrow”

If the workings in your company are producing synthetic fiber waste like nylon Polyamide, reach out to Recycling Fibers and the Polyamide recycling business of ours. Our team understands that some plastics are required to meet the high requirements of the needed support, and with our brand name, we are trying to offer all the help we can to recycle such technical plastics and assure to reduce the emphasis on the Polyamide while dealing with them sustainably and efficiently.
Understanding all that is needed and demanded by the world of today, we assure with our dedicated team, and the techniques followed, from waste withdrawal to the recycling service of the textile and the plastic materials within the national territory, all can be carried out without any pressure to the environment. Furthermore, we will make sure that the end results are economically feasible and usable in a way that it doesn’t create any concerns.
With the specialization and the experience gained to deal with Polyamide 66 and recycled Polyamide 6, we are ensuring to do right by all and to bring in satisfaction of working sustainably. Connect to know further and in detail about the processes and ideas.

Types of Polyamide Recycling Fibers Recycles

With Recycling Fibers, we target companies that release a lot of Polyamide waste. We offer, Polyamide 66 recycled form and recycled Polyamide 6 form.
Both of the above-mentioned synthetic fibers can be characterized by their excellent wear resistance and high elasticity. Polyamide 6 has better machinability and the lower deformation and cost. On the other hand, Polyamide 66 recycled carries the properties of higher rigidity and greater resistance to temperature and abrasion.

Who is the Polyamide 66 recycled waste targeted towards?

With the experience we have gained with the years of work we have done, we have developed a Polyamide waste recycling service for the textile industries. We are trying our best to stay at the disposal of the customers and assure them of quality services in a short period of time. We at Recycling Fibers are even trying to create business relationships with the international partners so that our technology and techniques can reach out to all and help create a difference.

For more information on Polyamide 66 recycled or other Polyamide variants connect

If you are interested in getting information about the Polyamide waste recycling, connect with us through our website’s Contacts section, and we will be at your disposal to reply to any request on time. We also assure complete transparency while disclosing any information about your means and methods followed during either of the processes.
Get in touch today for more information and better motivation toward the Polyamide recycling.

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