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Pet Flakes

“Reuse, reduce and recycle- Do it all to get what’s best for you and the environment”

PET fibers are one of the recycled plastic forms. Around 25% of the PET bottles get recycled in the United States with the idea that the bottles that will be made from the PET are needed to be recycled and not to be reused. As for the recycled PET, it gets crushed into PET flakes and then reused for being made polyester fiber on newer PET bottles.
Just like all the other modern urban centers, around our community, too, faces the challenges with the environmental protection because of the tremendous tonnage of the plastic waste which is produced in varied forms. The gross waste generation of the wastes are exceeding per tonne per annum, and at least 10 to 15% of it is a contribution to the plastic wastes. The growing consumption and the increasing trend toward the disposable culture, it is creating nightmares for the municipal authorities across varied regions and beyond.

Increased Plastic Consumption causes Increased Pressure

The consumption of plastic has grown at the tremendous rate in the past 2 decades, with plastic playing an important role in all aspects of the modern lifestyle.
Plastics get used for the manufacture of varied products like lifestyles, protective packaging, and the safety components in the cars, insulation materials in the building, mobile phones, domestic appliances, medical devices, furniture items, and alike.
As plastic cannot decompose biologically, the plastic waste amount in the surrounding is increasing steadily. Plastic wastes are often most objectionable litter type and remain visible for months in the landfill sites without actually degrading.
So, make your pick and choose us, as we are here to help you through it all, especially the pet flakes. We recycle for the best, and all you need to do is take a chance and see how small efforts can create big changes.

Recycling Industrial Pet Flakes with Recycling Fibers

We at Recycling Fibers ensure to offer industrial Pet Flakes. The commercial polymer is quite important, and its application ranges between fabrics, packaging, electronics, and films to the molded parts for the automotive, and more.
The application of it is made in the plastic processing industry, and it is used in Fiber plants and the PET bottles.
With Recycling Fibers exclusive portal for the waste management, sustainability, and the recycling industry, we are trying to create a lot of change, and you can be a part of it too. We are trying to enlist the scrap traders, reprocessed raw materials, waste collectors, industrial and household recycled products, recycling machineries, etc.
We are also trying to create impact through webinars, exhibitions, events, and conferences that take places around the sector. Recycling Fibers will keep all its clients updated with the latest news all across recycling, innovations, waste management, sustainability, etc., too.

Recycling Fibers- Yours Next Destination

We are a recycling capacity with a capacity to handle tons of PET plastic that’s recycled. We can offer PET flakes or RPET, green, blue, or the mixed color regrind plastic. We ensure 100% PET flakes that are clear through the advanced recycling plant. All of the processes starting from washing and continuing ahead to sorting and grinding, it gets performed by the experts indeed.
The integrated plant we have is highly capable to recycle PET flakes in bulk. We add up to 1000 tons of waste management every month, and with the commitment and the hard work of the team, we ensure to achieve it all.
So, anyone who has been looking for a company that can offer recycled products of high quality (large volume of the PET flakes or any other form of recycled plastic), your search is finally over, as for we are here to assist. At Recycling Fibers, we recycle PET flakes in large, and the recycled products offered by us aren’t just economical but technologically advanced. So, be assured of getting the right monetary value with a competitive offer.
Connect with us if you need further information in regards to the recycled PET flakes and see what changes can be brought in together than alone. Know that it is just a start, and with every move we make, “We are working the best towards Sustainability”.

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Contact us by whatsapp